Patient Information

What To Expect

Schedule either an in-person or telehealth appointment by calling (801) 521-2640.

Please complete the forms (patient history, family history and MSQ) prior to the visit.

Fill out the forms by clicking on the following button and printing them. For best results mail, email (this is secure on our end, but if you don’t use a secure email it won’t be), fax (801-363-6407) or drop it by the office prior to your scheduled appointment.

Online payment is available or we will accept credit cards by phone. This is expected at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time. We cannot guarantee your appointment if this is not done.

Other than the price of the visit there may be other costs such as supplements, tinctures, and labs. These are not a covered part of the initial fee.

Expect the first visit to be 2 hours. Follow-ups are scheduled after your initial visit and Dr. Holbrook will suggest the length of appointment necessary. This will allow an appropriate payment prior to the next appointment.

Dr. Holbrook does not bill insurance however, as a courtesy we can provide a “superbill” for submission to your insurance. You will need this to bill the insurance yourself. We have provided you instructions for doing this, please click the following button.

Please find out the following information prior to your appointment:

  1. What is your deductible. If you have a high deductible, you are responsible for the cost of service up to that point even if the service is covered by your insurance.
  2. What laboratory is preferred by your insurance.
  3. If you have an HSA or cafeteria program through your work. Many times, supplements and office visits can be paid from these sources.

Please bring in any medications, supplements or other substances taken on a regular basis.

We are concerned with protecting your privacy. While the law requires us to give you this disclosure, please understand that we have, and always will, respect the privacy of your health information. There are several circumstances in which we may have to use or disclose your health care information. Click the button below to see our policy.